Change matinee location?

I have an melee action sequence that I have made with matinee. It will only play from where I made it, if I try to play the sequence from a different location, it moves the actor to the location I made it. Is there a way to play the sequence from any location? Or should I approach this differently?

You shouldnt have any keys set in Movement track if you want to play an animation at any time and anywhere during the game.

Well I have a camera sequence that goes with it. So I have to set keys for them right?

If the camera is attached to the skeletal mesh then you dont need a movement track for it either, only director track.

So if I attach a camera to the mesh, I can then move the camera by itself? My sequence has a matrix type camera pan. Also can you make curves in a timeline like you can with matinee? If I want to make something move in an arc for example. If so I can do this with timeline or if a spline would work.

All of the options work. You can even animate the camera with Matinee after you attach it to the mesh(if the mesh already exists in the level and it isnt something you spawn at runtime.)

If it is the player character then i would use a camera attached to a spring arm in character BP, and then activate and rotate the spring arm during that sequence. This would work even if it isnt the player character, btw. You’ll just need to blend view to that BP’s camera in Level BP and leave the Matinee’s director track empty so that it captures whichever camera is active.