Change Matinee Length (bug?)


I followed this tutorial to change the length of a matinee:

which says: “After zooming, you’ll notice two red tabs in the lower part of the timeline. These represent the length of the Matinee sequence. At the moment, they are positioned at 0.00 and 5.00 so this Matinee is 5 seconds long. You can change the length by grabbing the red tab on the far right and dragging it to the length you want your Matinee to be.”

I think it worked in the past, but now when grabbing the red tab, it will just disappear, or snap to 0 seconds.

I recorded this short video to show what I mean:

How can I turn it back to the way it was before?


Looks like a bug.

Did you try to do it with Snap turned off?

When I turn snap off, it works. Thank you!

I found this question, from July 2014 (?), which describes the same bug.

That seems odd, that the bug is not removed after such a long time…

Can confirm this bug for 4.9.2. Cannot change length, it just instantly snaps to 0 (Snap setting is 0.1). After then, it doesn’t react at all anymore to clicks.

you are awesome!