Change material parameters by object position (animation)

Material of an object and the color/intensity of a light are 2 completly different things.

Be more specific. What exactly are you trying to achieve?

I have an animation (mesh translation in X axis) to be a switch able control the color and intensity a light. I don’t want to use trigger boxes because I want less elements as possible. My scene will have a bunch of animations to trigger already.
Sorry for the misleading title.

I need to change color/intensity of a light (randomly if possible) by X axis position of an animated object. Trigger box isn’t a option.
I searched for similar cases and blueprint first steps, but got lost about everything. Someone can any idea?

Still need to know how:

  1. how are you animating;
  2. if random, then what the interval between changes in intensity and color;
  3. is this mesh part of a BP;
  4. is the light a component of the BP;

Assuming that: both the mesh and the light are components of a BP; animation is done with a timeline; no interval between changes in intensity and color (which means a different one at every tick), then, for example:

Same thing, I guess:

Yes, I apologize for double posting. The website was getting errors and I opened another request right after.

The AH has been acting up for months now, it’s pretty frustrating. :expressionless:

Alright, I finally discovered it. I have to check “generate overlap events” in collisions details for my mesh to activate the change.