Change Material in Blueprint (Armor, Weapon and more)


how can i change the Material in a Blueprint, like a Armor and save them to the blueprint, so it keeps permanent the new colored Material?

I have testet it with “Create Dynamic Material Instance” in MyCharacter, then “Set Vector Paramenter Value” and “Set Scalar Paramenter Value” and “Set Material”

“Hit Component Tragen” = Hit Component what i am looking for with my crosshair. Also the Item that i can color.

It works perfectly!

But if i pick up the colored Item (Armor), before the destroy actor, i copy all informations about the old item, to the new item in the inventory, the new colored material is not saved.
I try to save the Dynamic Material to Material Instance in my MasterItem Structure, to keep the informations for the next item in my Inventory (its the same item, but the old one is destroy actor).

I would have to color ONLY THIS ITEM and safe all informations to the Blueprint of the item.
So i have 3 Armors of example.

  1. Armor = Green Color
  2. Armor = Red Color
  3. Armor = Blue Color

Hope you can understand what i am looking for.

Its a Multiplayer Game and i need this color option for better gameplay.
Have multiple armors (about 24) so i need a color system that save the color automaticly to that blueprint (item), that i am coloring.

My Inventory System and Equipment System works like this:
E -> Pick up item to my inventory (also copy all infos to the Inventory Item), Destroy Actor in the world.

From my Inventory i can DROP or EQUIP the item (depends what i want), also i spawn the item to my Character or to the world, and all infos are the same of the item.
Like ItemName, Durability, Defense and more. And all works perfect.
But i dont know how to send the new color of the material to the new item too.