Change Mass using Blueprints

Hello, is there a Blueprint node to change the Mass of a static mesh? (i know what its calculated by default). The only way i figured out so far is to change the mass scale in the meshs physics settings, if there is no way to change the mass itself, is there any way to change the Scaling of the mass using a node?

Like you said,
Mass is calculated automatically depending on your shape mesh.
You can influence it by changing the mass scale of the mesh but also by applying a physical material allowing you to change the density (g per cubic cm).
All these parameters can be reaches through the blueprint.

To my knowledge there has not been any node to indicate the mass object directly.

Personally I’m looking to be able to specify an exact mass (with a “Set Mass” node !). However, the “mass to raise power” parameter setting at 0 in my physical material still seems to affect a little bit my mass object =(
Any idea ?

well i dont know why they just let us put the mass in manually if we wish too… right now i have to use thrusters on spaceships and i want to put in real data but MJ of power pushed onto a 4kg ship will end up in a lot of speed :frowning: so i take the mass and calculate down the force required, this works but well i dont know why this isnt a basic node or why we dont have a textfield to change the mass…

Yes i try also to create a rocket in space. I want to modify the rocket mass when the fuel is consumed.

But my mass is not really 1KG but mor or less 1.000500, I think the “mass to raise power” is not disable when it’s equal 0.

I saw on the internet that it was possible to adjust the mass precisely in C ++. Maybe a nice programmer could make us a custom node “Set mass” ?

An old thread, and might not direclty answer your question, but…

To set mass in blueprint to a specific value (as of 4.8). Make sure that you are not overriding mass on the actor. Store the original mass as a variable early on, and use that to create a scalar for your new mass value.

Like this…