Change Location of player after applying damage?

Hey Everyone,
I’m very new in unreal and I’m trying to make a local multiplayer game where if a player steps on a trap or kill zone he will die but respawn again in same level next to the location of death if that makes sense? At the moment after I overlap with KillZVolume it restarts the level.

I’m most likely completely messing it up, but I will appreciate any help or input.

In this case I wouldn’t use the KillZVolume; I would use something like a collision box that destroys your actor and then spawns another one for you to take control of. There is en excellent video that Unreal has on a game called TwinStickShooter and in there he goes over a method of how to do this. I’m a little new to this too but I will be more than happy to try to figure it out with you.

Thank you for the reply! I will check out the videos on youtube today :slight_smile: and yes, figuring it out together will be really great :smiley: