Change list(s) for fixes in UE4 4.26 affecting unreal.EditorStaticMeshLibrary.get_lod_build_settings and unreal.MeshBuildSettings

In UE4 v4.25 (i.e., the version that my studio is currently on), the following Python objects produce the following error messages:

  • unreal.EditorStaticMeshLibrary.get_lod_build_settings
    “AttributeError: type object ‘EditorStaticMeshLibrary’ has no attribute ‘get_lod_build_settings’”

  • unreal.MeshBuildSettings
    “AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute 'MeshBuildSettings”

These objects appear to function correctly in v4.26/v4.27. As it happens, a tool that I’m writing requires these objects. As such, I would like to merge the fixes for the above issues into our codebase. What change lists contain these fixes?

The folks at Epic provided an answer to this question (CL# 13773268).