Change Level Sequence Origin Transform via Blueprint

I have a level sequence I created for my character that I am using for a sitting in a chair animation sequence (this is triggered by an interaction input by the player)
Now I want to use this same level sequence across a number of chairs in my map and have the blueprint for the chairs relocate the level sequence transform to their transform (and run the sequence)… now I can do all the triggering of the sequence and leaving the chair etc but for the life of me cannot figure out how to “move” a level sequence to a specific location on the map via blueprints.

PS. I have the level sequence as a variable on the chair blueprint and create a player in that blueprint as opposed to have the level sequence directly on the map.

Thanks in advance

Ok so after much research I think I have found the node that will allow me to set the origin transform of my level sequence but I cannot find any way to connect the level sequence to it.
In my screenshot you will see the “Set Transform Origin Actor” that I think should achieve what I need but I cannot seem to attach the level sequence to it.
The input it is looking for is “Level Sequence Instance Data Object Reference” but I cannot seem to find how to get this “Data Object Reference” from my Level Sequence node.
Has anyone managed to do this? I am thinking there must be many times people have needed to “move” their level sequence animation to a different location.
Thanks for any help you can afford :slight_smile:

I’m starting to think I must be looking at this problem wrong as after spending a day trying to get this to work, I cannot for the life of me move the origin transform of a spawned level sequence.

Surely this is possible, how do people handle level sequences with just camera animations that need to be moved to other areas in a map. I am hoping it is not through having to create potenitally 100’s of level sequences in different locations.

Has no one had a spawned level sequence be able to be “moved” to the location of another actor through a blueprint before playing?

I have similar question)

I’m thinking this might just not be possible despite the node being available in blueprints.
Doesn’t matter what I do I cannot have the level sequence “relocated” via a blueprint.

After a week and quite a reasonable number of views on this post, I think this might have to be one of those “just not possible despite it appearing to be” things :frowning:


Funnily enough I was just playing around with sequencer and looking for an answer to this. I managed to get it working by doing this


@Cd1232, thanks heaps for the reply. I am sure I tried something like this but I had done so many iterations I can’t be sure anymore.
I will jump in and copy your nodes and see if it solves my issue. If it does you go on my daily hero board :slight_smile:

In case someone else finds this, here is an article on Epic that explains this very setup: Creating Level Sequences with Dynamic Transforms in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.4 Documentation | Epic Developer Community (

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