Change Level editor pivot rotation?

I found GLevelEditorModeTools().PivotLocation

Is there something similar for the rotation of the pivot?

I want temporarily set the level editor pivot to an arbitrary location and roatation


It seems that the rotation is completely ignored, overwritten by World or Object transform.

My code is like that:

GUnrealEd->SetPivot(OtherT.GetLocation(), false, true);

FEditorModeTools& EditorModeTools = GLevelEditorModeTools();

EditorModeTools.TranslateRotateXAxisAngle = TranslateRotateWidgetWorldXAxis.Rotation().Yaw;
EditorModeTools.TranslateRotate2DAngle = FMath::RadiansToDegrees(FMath::Atan2(Widget2DWorldXAxis.Z, Widget2DWorldXAxis.X));