Change layer of a verse UI element

Hey there!
I’m currently using a blueprint-Widget for the Stats UI & Verse to show the “Score” text, is it possible to change the layer of the verse UI so that it’s not getting blocked by the blueprint-Widget?

You can’t change ZOrder of separate widgets. As far as i know, UI layers render on top of each based on which was rendered last, the “fix” for this is to render the Score: 0 UI after the Stats UI has appeared.

A potential issue you might run in to is if BP Widgets always render on top of Verse Widgets, which is something we can’t control.

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Thanks so much for this, I’ll try that one!
Do you know if there is also a way to like instead of using the Verse UI text, to use the blueprint-Widget text & simply change the text of that one in verse, otherwise it’ll be hard to get the text in the right position? :slight_smile:

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