Change Landscape Resolution without loosing painted Materials and shape

Hey guys,

i made a terrain and this is my first one in ue4. i started with nearly the standart settings and it worked pretty well. but i got some problems with long drawn quads who get especially when it comes to little mountains kind of distorted textures. my problem could be solved with more “geometry” or i think in this case a better resoltuion. i checked under manage the change component size tab and here are my vaules:

Selection size: 255x255
sections per component: 2x2 Sections
Number of components: 1x1
Overall resolution: 511X511
Total components: 1

i tryed several options out and iam quite not sure how to get a better resolution and which resize mode will be the best because keep in mind its finally “sculpted” and i also painted the material.

please share with me your thoughts.


no one an answer on this?