Change Label in world outliner via blueprint

Hey there,
I made a very simple blueprint of a render text with a variable so I can edit the text.

Each time I place it in the scene it gets the name of the blueprint and a number (in the world outliner)
Now…In my level I put hundreds of those blueprints (mapping a complex and nammng each room specificaly) and I want to name them (in the world outliner) accordingly to the text i put in the variable instead of manualy changing each and everyone of them.

so i looked the web and forums regarding this issue and found no clear answer how to connect my text variable to set the label of the actor.
in the documentation it said something about “set actor label” yet this node does not apear anywhere for me.

hope i made myself clear.

here is the blueprint so far:

It’s part of ‘blu tilities’:

It’s a plugin:

Nice, Thanks a lot!
Will try it out later

Well actualy I tried to follow the video, yet still I don’t have the “Set actor label” node although the plug-in is enabled (as he was always as it seems).
I have no idea why this node doesnt show up…

set actor.jpg

And this is from the tutorial Video:

from vid.JPG

any suggestions?

Notice right under the vid:


In fact, I think it’s changed again, to EditorUtilityActor…

OMG!! thats true~!
was so obsessed with this “Set actor label” for a long time that I didn’t even look the video comments.

btw, Unreal Documentation doesn’t state this importat piece of info. should be updated…

Thank you very much for the help (and yeah, it was changed again to what you said) :slight_smile: