Change Jump length


It s easy to change the jump height in the character movement, but how to change the forward Value? Even both X/Y values?

I d like to have the kind of Outlast jump mechanic. It s like a strafe jump.

Where to do it?


Im using “launch character” for this… lenght is based on my actor forward vector * speed

the launch velocity is a vector and the axis value is a float, I ve tried to translate it but it doesn’t work.

What value I m supposed to link to it?

And I d like to have it for forward/Backward/Left and Right

probably try something like this:

Thanks but that’s not the result I want.

I don’t want the character to jump higher but further in the direction he’s moving, like a strafe jump.

Then multiply “velocity” with float *2 or more and decreate “z” vector value (in my picture, “+” node, from 1000 to 500…)

Yes but the X/Y values are the maps value, it s not the actual character direction, if I multiply X it always launch my character in the same direction. I ve tried with the forward vector but it doesn’t work too

My bad, it works!

Thank you!