Change in-line widget text with trigger volume?

Hey guys. I’m currently trying to script a trigger volume that changes the text on a widget’s text box. I’m new to unreal so i’m still getting used to how blueprint works after learning the basics, so please forgive me if this entire problem is just because of a dumb noob mistake.

But anyways, my plan was to (somehow) get the string of the text box (the thing labeled “text” under the “content” bar in the widget designer’s details panel) as a variable or a function or something, share that with my level blueprint, and plug that in to the right scripts involving the trigger volume.

I do believe I have it almost figured out, but my issue I came to this forum for is that I can’t figure out how to properly get the text box as a variable in the first place… if that’s even possible.

I have tried copying and pasting a variable of it from the widget blueprint to the level blueprint. copying and pasting a variable like that has worked once for me before, but not this time apparently because it doesn’t recognize it when I do that.

I have also tried several times creating new variables, functions, and just about everything in my level blueprint and attempting to set them up in ways that might configure it to “be” the text box, but I’ve always gotten the specific error of:

Blueprint Runtime Error: accesed none trying to read property [variable name here] from function.

Again, sorry if these mistakes are just me missing a very obvious answer or doing it all wrong entirely. I have experience in game design with simpler tools like game maker, and I’ve done a lot of modding on games that use their own engines just by poking around the files with modding tools, but this is my first time actually building my own assets and scripting from the ground up, so i’m still struggling with the basics.

…You’d think the world’s most advanced search engine would be able to handle the keywords of “Ue4 convert widget text to level blueprint variable”, but googling my problem hasn’t gotten me anywhere.

Thank you very much to who ever is able to answer this.