Change gamma in runtime

Hi! is there a way to change the gamma of a game in runtime? I used the command r.Gamma but it seems not work.

Thank you

I tried this, but the problem is when i set a value like 0.7 the sky get a hyper saturated blue tone

Post process volume:

Thank you i will try!

First you have to fiddle with an actual PP in the level manually to see what values are good.

You have to set XYZ all the same, try values between .5 and 1.5 Leave the W at 1

It worked, but it adds motion blur.
Oh and is there a way for this to affect the UI?.
Im trying to find a effect like the gamma of the debug tools

Thanks for your time!

Do you have motion blur tick in the PP?

I don’t think you can affect the UI.

Nope, it’s very strange.
Well i will try to find out

Ok, but does that work in production?

Okey I find out a better way, use the command Gamma [values between 0.5-5]. Example: Gamma 2.5
With this change the even the UI.

Yes it does!

I’m sorry, but your suggestion leaves out a lot of critical information. How does one go about doing “use the command Gamma”? You are assuming knowledge that isn’t obvious. I have tried locating the command “Gamma” in context menus but it doesn’t appear.

Its true that it isn’t appear in the context menu for some reason (im using the 4.14 version i dont know if appears in others versions), beside that works perfectly even on builds for shipping. Its not the most elegant solution but i tried everything and this is the only one that works perfectly.

Just put “Gamma (Value)” into Execute Console Command. Example: Gamma 2.1

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