Change game properties in windows properties

how to change my game properties when to shipping in windows, because when i right click in my game and see in details it’s seem like such as file description, file version, product version. I don’t want they see my game properties like that, i would like to change it…

please help, thankyou


Project Settings → Description. Those are just descriptions of “what this game is”, “who made it”, the engine version, and your copyright notice. I don’t think those entries can be removed, but none of them are personal information.

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tks for the answer, but unfortunately i also has change it but it same still show current like picture

Answered here: Change the details of a game's shipping executable - UE4 AnswerHub

Basically, the program you’re referring to is the bootstrap (not the actual game, but what launches the game), which can’t be changed. The actual game is located in the binaries folder.