change game mode runtime ?

i have a game with 2 different player controler and hud configs
one for player walk/build
and another for player driving after possessing a car

so far the build works fine but as soon as i posses the car the controls wont respond , and it still shows all build menu functions rather than any driving ones

i have searched and it seems i need to close level and reopen a compleatly different one to achive this in blueprints (this is not practical as it affects real time game play to the point it sucks)

shurely there should be a better way to manage this in blueprints , anyone know how ?

added …

ok so partly solved , moved the build controls and functions from the player controler to the builder player pawn BP , and left player controler with no inputs , so it passes them to the active player pawn, at least it makes handling different pawn controler types better to handle as each handles its own

so now i can posses the car , and the controls work , but out of the car some of the hud dependant build functions are broken now

so just to solve hud switching now something that also can be pawn dependend would be good , even if its a seperate widget for each , (still a noob on menus and huds in ue5)