Change game aspect ratio and editor 4k scaling?

I’m trying udk on a 4k monitor right now.At 4k the menu is tiny.Is there any way to change the scaling of the editor menu to achive a bigger size icons/text?(apart from downsizing the screen resolution to 2k :rolleyes: )

On the other hand,what aspect ratio are udk games using?(16:9)?
Or does udk adapts to the screen by default?Any command to try manually change the game to 4:3 16:9 16:10?

Perhaps this helps you, I get it from some site time ago:

var array<string> TheStrings;
var Vector2D ScreenSize;
var bool bIsFullScreen;

exec function GetSupportedResolutions()
    local string TempString;
    local int i;

    TempString = class'WorldInfo'.static.GetWorldInfo().GetALocalPlayerController().ConsoleCommand("DUMPAVAILABLERESOLUTIONS", false);
    ParseStringIntoArray(TempString, TheStrings, "
", true);
    for(i=TheStrings.Length-1; i >= 0; i--)
        if(i>0 && TheStrings* == TheStrings[i-1])
    TheStrings.Length = TheStrings.Length-1;
    for(i=0; i<TheStrings.Length; i++)
        `log("Avaliable resolutions:"@TheStrings*);

//to set resolution:
//n is the index of the desired resolution in "TheStrings"

//Fullscreen    PC.ConsoleCommand("setres"@TheStrings[n]$"f");
//Windowed    PC.ConsoleCommand("setres"@TheStrings[n]$"w");

exec function GetCurrentResolution()
    local PlayerController PC;

    PC = class'WorldInfo'.static.GetWorldInfo().GetALocalPlayerController();

    `log("Current Resolution"@((int(ScreenSize.X))$"x"$(int(ScreenSize.Y))));

    bIsFullscreen = LocalPlayer(PC.Player).ViewportClient.IsFullScreenViewport();


I haven’t tried this myself, but in YourGameEngine.ini, if you change all of the TinyFont, SmallFont, etc., to the largest font, does that make any difference?

I have been always bad with uc,but isnt this just to call for screen resolution or something?(similar to for example setres 1920x1080f)Will try to look it tomorrow.

I’m not sure if its the 42ºC taking effect on me or if your are using a older udk build.Are you refering to the udkgame>config>DefaultEngine.ini ?

Thanks guys

So there’s DefaultEngine.ini, but in the same folder there should also be a ___Engine.ini where ___ is the name of the game you’re making. It looks like you might be able to mess with the font sizes in there.

In this case I’m on a clean build(haven’t still moved the game there).Still,there is no font mention in any engine.ini in that folder.On the other hand I’m investigating the XRC files in engine>editor resources>wxRC

I suspect there might be something there.In the wxRes folder we can see the editor .png icons.I did a test by resizing in photoshop one 32x32 icon to 128x128 and it does work in the editor but its cropped as I’m only making the texture bigger and not the button it represents.Somewere there might be even the option to change the udk ui to dark theme color hehe.Bah,going to give it a hour more search and if nothing, I will leave it be.

The override high DPI scaling behavior in the compatibility tab in the udk startup icon doesn’t do anything.
For the letterbox effect,i will just use the camera options from the editor.No need to make it more complex than it is. Probably coud have saved a lot of time if the archived udk forums search bar wasn’t broken…again.

Cheers guys :wink:

Calling GetSupportedResolutions() an array is filled with the supported resolutions, in the format “WIDTHxHEIGHT”, for example “1280x720”. You can use these array to select an resolution from a menu, for example.

And this for set the resolution using that array:


I think there are no aspect ratio functions. The pixel aspec ratio is always 1:1, and the screen aspec ratio is the resolution used. If you has a 16:10 monitor, then you must use a resolution like 1680x1050, for example.

About scaling the fonts, I haven’t resolved yet.

Undetstood and thank you Cobalt.I think you are right about the 1:1 as the thing always fit.
Udk editor was defenetly not planed about 4k res.The game testing by it self looks sharp and beatifull at 4k but the editor shoud be runed at 2k max due to icon size getting smaller.

By the way,the day and night map at 4k is a really cool experience :cool: