Change from topdown and first person controls UE5

I’m making a game where you can switch between topdown(Like diablo ie click to move) and first person(Wasd and mouse) controls. I’m pretty new and had trouble finding out a way to make it work, If you have and advice it’d be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You probably wan’t to use two cameras, then to switch from one to another just toggle the activation of both of them (one should be active from the star and the other don’t otherwise won’t work). And then depending of what camera is active behave in a way or another

Hi PurgeOfEnrl,

There’s more than one way to do this, and I’d say that the process for setting this up is “less than straightforward”

The method that I just hacked together uses child components and ‘Set Viewtarget with Blend’ . (The child component is just an actor with a camera in it)

Hope that helps, welcome to the Forums!