Change forum Theme


Is there a way to change the forum theme to how it was before?
I find that this design is just annoying and hard to look/find things. I was hoping we could have an option to change to the one from back in 2019 which was white and clean…


It’s not just the theme; the entire backend of this forum has been changed to Discourse. So no.

I thought it was pretty bad at first, but since, I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with it.

I really hate this new forum. Is there no way we can get a light/white theme here? This dark mode just looks like a muddy mess.


WTF is this dark theme! how can we change it back to the white one that was recently here. Whoever did this theme design should be fired (Or demoted) because it shows lack of skill and their laziness, really who changes the themes and doesn’t test them all out first… OMG… Come on dark text on a dark background on the “light theme”, FIX plz. This makes me so upset I feel like going to unity. My time was wasted trying to find the light theme instead of working on my game.
Thank You Epic forum website staff who obviously are incompetent. This may sound like a rant but some of us have limited time to work and it shouldn’t be wasted because someone can’t design a simple theme or keep their hands off the default light theme that comes with discourse.

I’d love to be back to the forums too! Not only can’t see anything, but I don’t even have an option to change theme… what’s happening?

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Who ever designed or setup the dark theme must love it so much to force everyone else to use it. They probably don’t even visit the forum because they’re off designing another ugly non-functional website elsewhere.

It’s missing the theme selection for me now too, I would guess and hope they are working on the themes right now.

This is beyond ridiculous.

I agree. The contrast is just too hight (100% white text burning my retina) and the textured look with gradients creates a lot of visual clutter/noise which constantly draws attention from the user content itself.

The content should be what the users post, not the background they post it on. The old dark (but not completely black) background and bright (but not completely white) text was very pleasant to the eye.

Try Stylebot a google chrome extension, and change the background and text what color you want, so far is working great, my eyes are saved!!!

I quick made a quick Stylebot style (light theme), my other post with more info: View Unreal Engine Forums How You Want To - Custom Theme Viewing! View It Your Way!


What the light theme css looks like

You sir, are officially a gentleman.
Seriously, how can someone choose that blue gradiant for the new layout? It’s why I stopped visiting this forum.
My eyes! I can read again!

No problem, glad I could help out. My style isn’t perfect but it works pretty good.

I do hope an official solution is on the way, since a few weeks ago the admittedly broken preferences → themes selection was disabled.

The current theme is really high contrast and is quite tiring to look at, leaves after images for me when switching between the forums to other sites.

Agree, it is really painful for me to read dark pages (my windows is full light mode, with low intensity on monitor) Switching from dark pages to normal page is really hard.
Is there any official option to use a light theme ?
(I’ll test the method below for changing the css with a chrome extension).
But would be great not to force people to use a dark theme.