Change forum ranks

Hi. I didn’t want to lose Infiltrator rank and it sounds much better than “supporter” or “promoter”, so to keep it I had to shut up and never post.
I also liked patron rank and I just can’t get the logic behind naming ranks, it starts with best and ends up with bad.
Can you please change the text on my profile back to infiltrator? Or maybe something custom like “Demon666”? Or swap patron and infiltrator with promoter and supporter? I mean an infiltrator is cool, and being promoter is just giving out advertising papers near metro stations, I don’t like being that.

Agree that they are scattered. Their coloring and display is inconsistent. They are also redundant next to postcount and forum badges.

Disclaimer: A regular opponent of forum ranks. This message sponsored by an enduring pet peeve.

I don’t think they are redundant since they exist on pretty much every forum. The only thing that is bad is naming of ranks. It’s like… you don’t progress from bad ranks to cool. You progress from cool ranks to bad. Like wtf, did I make 243 posts in order to be called a promoter? Promoter? Really? Do I look like a promoter?
I want to be an infiltrator, or patron, or demon, oh hacker, or whatever cool and creative rank epics can come up with. I can help them for free if they want. Epics need to change that asap.

Leave them ranks alone to be fair. There are bigger issues with the forum, besides those ranks.

Each thread for it’s own issue. And this one can be resolved in under 1 day.

The rank has to be uniform for all users, otherwise it will just create confusion. And this also will create precedent, as others will want the same thing too. So just accept it as is… lol

Learn to read before writing pls

he was saying that the progression of ranks has to be the same for all users so changing just your rank wouldn’t be right. personally i dont care about ranks on forum really what difference does it make. also you suggest having names like demon666, what about the religious people out there do you think they want to have that associated with them. i realize some people want to be edgy but there are much more important things in life.

Not everyone can be Elite

Everyone can be. Just post a lot.

And I am not talking about myself solely. I mean that the entire ranking system must face a change.

So please change the ranks.

Nah, the ranks are fine. Most users are happy with them.

No, the ranks are bad. Infiltrator is much cooler than insulting “promoter” rank and it is lower.

The ranks literally mean nothing. Its silly if the ranks actually make you feel important…

Ok, how would you feel about having word “promotet” written on your foregeaf?

Believe me, when you’re Elite you feel the power.

…or unimportant in this case.

  1. Install this in Chrome (if you use Chrome, there’s probably something similar for other browsers):
  2. Filter ‘Promoter’ and switch for something cool like ‘Demon666’
  3. Set filter to only
  4. Have fun

No. It must be for everyone