Change exe name (UE4Game.exe)

Hi folks! Help me with one little question. Can i somehow rename UE4Game.exe without editing source code? Maybe there is some setting or something. My primary exe has normal “MySuperGame.exe” name, but… i hope you understand me :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks!

The exe is dictated by the project name when you package your project … why would you want to change an existing EXE.

So in my screenshot, the first window (the window on top) is the name of my game and has the resultant exe created (i.e. KaboomArena.exe).

The second screen (the one below) is the name of the package type that I selected when I did the package (i.e. Windows 64 bit Shipping).

There should be no need for you to manually rename the executable … the game packaging should do it for you.


I have little difference :frowning:

Thats because you are looking at the Unreal Editor and not your game … you have to create a project first and then package it. I recommend you go through these tutorials first.

Official Tutorial Videos
Official Documentation
Official Community Wiki

Getting Started With Unreal Engine 4 from Tom Looman

Help me,please.
I want to know: How to rename “MyProject\Enginee\Binaries\UE4Game.exe” (My game packaging) ?

this problem resolve :

  1. renew create a project, has a new *.uproject
  2. Old project copy to new project directory , del Old *.uproject
  3. Open,Run New *.uproject,
  4. Package Project, OK