Change drag wheight of dinos or allow every creature into Boss Arena

Hi everybody, i am a total newbie and have no idea what im doing. I am currently dowloading Unreal Engine because im sick of waiting for a server config to allow all the dinos into any boss arena, because, WHY NOT?

So my question is. Does anybody know how i should approach this task? Maybe someone know where i can alter the creatures drag wheight or maybe someone knows how to change the requirements for the entering the Boss Arenas.

There are people on our server who don’t give a **** and just use glitches and RPGs but i actually want to defeat the Bosses with my own dinos i spent thousands of hours breeding. Wildcard really dissapointed me with those limitations.

I would be happy for every bit of help at this point. I have over 2800 hours in ark survival and am currently stressed out about this Boss Arena topic.

Thanks in advance and greetings

From having a quick look at this: The boss teleporters are referenced in the the boss arena managers. And those are placed on the “the island” level. That means you would have to override the “theisland” level through a map extension mod, create new boss arena managers that reference your new boss teleporters and replace the existing boss arena managers on the map with your new ones.
That should work but my guess is that it’s going to be very problematic to maintain when the devs update the game. Since we don’t get devkit updates too frequently and you can only cook what we have in the devkit all changes to the “theisland” level between devkit updates will not be available for players using your mod and other updated actors could also rely on changes made there since it’s a pretty “central” file.

You also could possibly do changes to the boss arena managers dynamically through the graph and make them reference your new teleporters. That requires a good chunk of knowledge on how use the graph and debug though.

I don’t want to discourage you here but you picked a very hard problem to solve for a first mod and no ue4 experience. It could very well take you more time to pick up everything you need to know to make this work than waiting for the server config from the devs :smiley:

I looked into it today for about 5 hours and only was able to change the drag wheights in the BossTeleporter BP. I found nothing else. There has to be a blueprint who allows or disallows flyers and such but i did not find it.

Yes i guess i went a bit over my experience level and think i will give up on trying it myself. Well i just really want to use my highly bredd dinos in the boss arenas. Hoping that the server configs come soon.

Thanks for your honest and detailed answer.