Change dino spawn level

I need some help with my mod. I followed this one as a check list for changing the level Dinos spawn on the “Monster Island”
Made my folder, copied the files from genericmod ofc, added the dino entries and dino bp for the 6 dinos on the island. Made the changes to the dino bp, so they should only spawn from 21-30 (91-120 on max), remaped the spawn entry, linked the new dino bp`s to the spawn entry, added the new dino enties to the primalgamedata. But still no joy in game. Still spawning low levels.
Did i miss something? When force spawning the dinos on the test map, they spawned in the correct level, between 91 and 120.

Make sure your server DifficultyOffset is 1.0 and you are spawning your custom dino variants. Failing that try changing MinDifficulty in TestGameMode to 4.0

I have max difficulty on the server. And when i test spawning them in the dev kit, they spawn in the right levels. But will try :slight_smile: