Change defaults of vehicle

Hello, is there any way to change the mass of a vehicle via blueprinting? i’ve read some answers where they say you can’t change the mass directly but the mass scale, however i can’t find any node to set the mass scale in any of the VehicleMovement component of a vehicle.

Also is there a way to change the other defaults?, ie the RPM, torque, etc.

In the case of vehicles we actually allow you to override the mass, it should be in the vehicle tuning properties (same with RPM torque and so on).

In 4.6 we actually allow you to set mass directly on rigid bodies as well.

yes i can see how to modify some stuff within the defaults tab in the editor, but is there a way to access these variables and modify them via blueprinting? something like " Vehicle → get VehicleMovement → set Mass" ?

Some of this is available, but most of it hasn’t been exposed to blueprints yet. We plan to but just haven’t had a chance.

Ok, thanks. Has it been exposed to C++?

Well it’s all in code so in theory yes, but I think we need to add some nice public functions to help you do this.

If you’re up to it you could actually do this and I would integrate it into main. If you do this you could make the functions blueprint callable and then it will all be exposed (and you’ll be a hero in the community :slight_smile: )

Hi Ori - I’m trying to adjust Vehicle RPM using blueprints - is this possible yet ? I can’t locate Set Max RPM from the dropdown - any advice ?