Change Default Sky Problem?

I’ve tried to change my sky from the nice blue sky to a stormy one using the following tutorial:

I want it to look like this as it does in the editor:

But it looks like this when you play in game:

If you hit refresh in sky sphere settings it sorts it out in editor, but when you play its again messed up, what am I doing wrong?

Here are my SKy Sphere Settings:

Please help, tearing hair out, already bald!

Note: please disregard the lightning bolt in the image it’s just an emitter that’s in the game and not part of the problem!

Why setting “Colors Determined By Sun Position” is unchecked?

Because that’s what he wants.

Have you tried to click on “Refresh Material” while in Editor?

He wants to change sky color with defined sun light source but without using colors by sun position? :slight_smile:

The Light Source Actor is just for the Sun Disk here. No one wants to have a blue summer sky all the time.

Guys if I press pressing “Colours determined by” it goes purple if I then press “Refresh Material” it sorts it but then it it reverts back to the purple sky when playing in game mode.

I just need a grey stormy looking sky.

In other news I’ve tried doing the same set up in a new blank project and it works fine, what is wrong with my map, why won’t it update?!

I’d really appreciate some help guys.

Any ideas guys?!

Those are the default settings for the sky sphere. But to get at the sky sphere
settings that control the sky texture panning and the sun size. You might have to open up the sky sphere blueprint and override the sky texture settings.