Change default player

Hi, so when I’m creating a new test map I get the white man by default, although I want to use different character model not the default one, in this case it’s Paragon Assets(Aurora). I would like to get this character to replace the default one?
What’s my goal? I want to control it, same as I do with the “white robotic man”


to accomplish your goal properly theres quite a few steps if you want to work from scratch but he whole process of creating a character is listed in the linked playlist. to keep things simple though you will need to create a copt of the current character so you will have all the basic settings already setup. then you will need to select the skeletal mesh in the character and in the details panel change it to the one you want to use. you will then need to create a animation bp for that skeleton and set it to be used as well. all those steps are covered in the video i linked. i believe there was also a training stream on using the paragon characters several months back that may also be of use to you.