Change default pawn


I’ve just got started in Unreal 4 and am loving it. Especially the visual scripting system, Blueprint.

I’m having issues with one thing, I cannot change the default pawn that shows in the editor.

I have managed to successfully create my own bespoke pawn blueprint, and changed my game setting so the engine knows to use my custom pawn. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to change the default pawn in the actual editor view.

The player start still looks exactly like the default one, and does not show mine. If I run the game it does indeed use my own pawn, but I really want to see the correct pawn in the editor do I can place and orient it correctly.

Please note I’m am not doing any C scripting, just pure blueprints at this stage.

What am I missing? Thanks!


The default workflow in UE4 is that the pawn does not get spawned until the game starts. However, you should be able to place your Pawn directly into the level (drag the Blueprint from the Content Browser into the level) and set the ‘AutoPossess’ property so you will use that pawn when the game starts.

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Thanks JamesG! Makes total sense.

When ever I try to change my default pawn, it crashes. How can I fix it?

Oh my goodness, this was very stressful! Thank you for the autopossess tip!

Autopossess works, but it is not suitable for a multiplayer setting, as far as I can tell. Any idea way setting this with game mode is not currently working?

  1. I drag and drop the new pawn into the editor.

When I start the game, I can’t move. I can’t navigate. What am I missing here?