Change default layout?

Hi, I’m having a hard time setting up a default layout. I can see the Save Layout button in the Windows dropdown menu, but how do I load them up? Or set them as default?

Basically this is what I want to do: Save a layout so that it’s saved across projects. I mean I use about 10 minutes to make it just the way I like, and then I create a new project and BAM, back to default.

Ok for everybody…first create an empty project, open it and then custom your ui interface whatever you want then close it. Now the trick is to go inside your project folder in Saved / Config / Windows / and open and copy every thing inside EditorLayout.ini. then go inside your engine folder in Engine / Config / and paste and save everything you just copy in BaseEditorLayout.ini. Now everytime you create a new project will open your custom ui. Hope this is useful…just leave a comment if it works or if you have questions.

I’m not seeing an “EditorLayout.ini” file in UE 4.13.2. Also, if I have this layout open, and then modify/close some windows (like the details pane), and then re-open that project, will it reset to the BaseEditorLayout configuration and reload said details pane?