Change default Content location

Is there any way to change the default location of the Content folder for custom projects? By default, it is at the same level of the .uproject file.


Hey Pablo Rubi-

The content folder is created at the same time that the project is. As such it isn’t possible to change the default location, however you can manually move it after creating the project.


Doug Wilson

Is there any way to tell the editor where the new location is? I moved it out of the project’s folder and the editor complained because it couldn’t find it, of course. My workaround was using symbolic links, but I was wondering if there was a better approach. Thanks!

Each project has it’s own content folder. By moving the folder out of the project folder it causes a disassociation between the project and where it should look for the related content. If you want the project to look in a different location for the content folder you’ll have to look in the source code for the editor and change where the project pulls that information from.