Change default action for "E" on structure

Hi everyone,

Just wondered if there’s any way that I can change which option is the default option of the radial menu.

Currently I have two options in the menu “Demolish” and “Pickup” by default it is doing pickup when they just press “E” near it which is causing some issues so I wanted to either force it to open up the radial menu for them to choose or make “Demolish” the default option.

Any ideas how i’d go about doing this?



I’ve asked something similar before but have yet to get an answer. My guess is that it’s currently not possible.

MultiUse should solve this.

Look for StorageBox UseTest in your DevKit and pay attention to the two functions present. If you need to get a better understanding of how it works, place the storage box in the test map(drag it into the viewport) then when running the PIE use the command GiveToMe and you’ll be given ownership of the box allowing the code to run as intended.

It would be better for you to learn this if you change the PIE to run in a new editor window and have the graph open scaled down in the corner of your screen. Also, set the debug object to the newly placed box to see the code and how it executes in real-time.


@Woeful Thank you!

Managed to get it sorted by tweaking those settings!