Change damage threshold in destructible mesh via BP

Good Day.

Is it possible to change the damage threshold on a destructible mesh via a blueprint? Similar to the way UE4 can create a dynamic instance of a material and update a vector (such as one that changes colour) in the construction blueprint, I would do the same but with a DM.

I am looking to create a single blueprint where I can deploy actors that will have different damage thresholds without having to create multiple DMs.

Thanks for your time.


Hi Drexes,

The settings inside the Destructible Mesh Editor cannot be altered outside of this editor.

This may be something that will be explored in the future, but at the moment there are no plans that I’m aware of to extend this functionality. So, at the moment it would be better to set up the different destructibles as separate assets.

Thank you!


Hi Tim.

Atleast I can stop looking now that I’ve know the answer. Thanks for responding.



This really needs to happen

Bump. it’s 2017 and this feature is still very much needed.
Hate managing different destructable meshes just because I need a different damage threshold.