Change culture in a shipping build does not work


In order to change the culture during the game, I use the console command “culture=en” in a blueprint node and it works perfectly in PIE as well as in a development packaged build but in a shipping build the command does nothing.

Since there is no console nor log on shipping builds it’s impossible to know what’s the problem.

Is it a bug or do I need to use something else to change culture in a shipping build?


I found 2 others observations, maybe useful to track down the problem:
The default culture does not work in a packaged build, it’s always the native one that is used.

I also tried to add the command as a parameter to the executable and it works! It proves that the localization data are correctly exported with the build so the only problem is the command to switch it.

Does someone from Epic has some information about this?

Thanks a lot.


  • Is this happening in only a Blueprint, C++ or both projects?
  • Does this work in 4.13?
  • Could you please upload screenshots, or a sample project of what you’ve tried in order for us to verify reproduction?

Thank you!

Hello ,

It’s happening in a blueprint only project.

I tested it in a clean project and I get the same results both in 4.12 and 4.13.

  1. create a new blank project
  2. add a text render actor in front of the player start
  3. enter any text in english in the text value of the text render actor
  4. configure the project localization to have english and french
  5. use the localization dashboard to translate the text in french
  6. in the level blueprint, add a keyboard event for the “E” input plugged to an execute console command node with the value “culutre=en” and an event for “F” plugged to the command “culture=fr”

When you play and you press E or F you will see the text switching between the english text and the french text.

It works in PIE and in a development build in 4.12 and 4.13 but it doesn’t work in a shipping build for both editor versions.

Hi, have you been able to look at this problem?

Thank you!

This issue is being looked into, thank you for your patience and we’ll update as soon as we have more information.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I heard back from one of our Engineers and what it’s sounding like is since you’re packaging in shipping, the console command is not going to work. This is because console commands aren’t included in shipping builds. Have you tried using the SetCurrentCulture from your blueprints?

I tried using the C++ SetCurrentCulture function and it works indeed!

I think this function should be exposed to blueprints since it seems to be the only way to change culture at runtime in a shipping build.

Thanks for your help.

How did you do this? I have tryed all what i’ve read in the Forum. Nothing worked for me.

I used the C++ (SetCurrentCulture) but it dont work. Only if i start the game with the commandline, then it uses the culture that i want.

How can i find out whats the Problem is?