Change Crosshair

Hello, i have create a standard HUD with a little Crosshair in the middle of the Screen. My question is, how can i change the Crosshair, while im over a usable Object?

Thnx very nuch…

I tried to to something like the image (change the crosshair of the Unreal Engine template HUD).

But I got the error: canvas draw functions may only be called during the handling of the drawhud event

I think you can just change the image of your own HUD. Do you wanna change when you “look” to something?

Yes, i want to change the Image from the Cross to a Hand or something when i´m over a interactable Object. Can i use multiple Linetrace Nodes? i have one for interact with Object´s. I think i need another one with a Eventtick…

You’re right. This should be the solution. When your linetrace hit your object, you can set a boolean variable in your player and grab this boolean in your HUD. When it’s true, you show the other crosshair.

Yes, but how i change just the image of the Crosshair? Or must i change the complete HUD?

You can create two canvas or whatever you want to put an image inside. In your blueprint, you can change the “visibility” of these canvas/horizontal boxes/…

Inside each canvas, put your image.