Change computer

I want to change my computer. Now I have a old hp pavillom v6 pc with intel i5 and 4gb ram. Ue4 sometimes crash. I am looking for a Mac, max €1500. Can you suggest me a good Mac?
If I pass from Windows to Apple, do I lose my files on Windows?

I am a Mac user. I love Mac. But I don’t recommend it as your main Unreal Engine machine unless you are developing software exclusively for Mac, iOS, or Android. The main limitation I’ve run into is that the Mac won’t let you use any features that are specific to Shader Model 5 (DirectX 12, PS4). There is also no Mac support for the current VR SDKs.

Additionally, for your budget, you’ll be able to get much more GPU and CPU power for your money if you stick with Windows.

That said, I haven’t run into any problems opening Unreal projects created on Windows from the Mac and vice versa. (Note, though, that I have not worked with a lot of complex Unreal projects.) When I do use a Mac for Unreal work, I’ve used a late 2013 MacBook Pro with 16 GB of RAM and a similarly-aged iMac and have been able to be productive on both. But again, I’d recommend an appropriately configured PC for a much better development experience given your budget constraints.