Change Collision of chartacter Bp?

I am using UE4.7.6, and I have a rectangular character that is in the shape of a dog. However, the collision capsule cannot be rotated to be in that rectangular shape. This means that the mesh’s collision isn’t correct. I’ve tried adding other collision boxes, (as a component) but they don’t work. And I can’t change the location or rotation of the capsule component because it is the root component of the character BP. And If I were to use a pawn, I’d lose the movement component that my character needs. What should I do about this?
Colision BAD.PNG

i am also very interested in fixing this problem

you could make the mesh the root component, delete the capsule collision, open your mesh from the content browser and set up collision for it, or just create a proper collision in your 3d software and reimport it

It won’t let me change the root component, because it is inherited. If I could do that, I’d have made a “dummy” scene component to base everything off of. This problem is for all characters using a character BP, so re importing wouldn’t work either, as even if the model’s collision is set to block all, it would still only use the capsule collision component.

Hello. How did you solve the topic? (if you did)