Change Cloud Speed (Variable not in scope)

I am trying to change the speed of the clouds in the SkySphere from another Blueprint,
where the sphere is a variable but it is not working (variable not in scope).
I have read in the answerhub about casting, but this did not fix the problem since the type is already correct.

How do i manage to acess the cloud speed variable ?


If thats not the level BP you need a reference to Skysphere, you cant just plugin the BP into the type.

Under eventBeginPlay() use GetGetAllActorsOfClass(BP_Skysphere) and then do a Array get(0) node from the blue pin it gives you and then set your SkySphere variable to that using the execution pin off the GEtAllActorsOfClass node and the input pin from the array get 0 pin.

Alernatively you can move that logic to your level blueprint and then select the bp_skysphere in your level, right click in the levelBP and select "get reference to bp_skysphere) and thenit will work too.

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Well . . .

The problem was not the bad scope (but thx for the solution can use it in another blueprint), i had the right reference.
The point is that i need to call a function from the sky sphere to build one with the (updated) cloud speed.

But thx for the post without it i hand thougt forever that the reference is bad.