change character with differeft static mesh and material unreal engin.

Hello, I have a game that has multiple different balls. Before the level opens I would like to select the static mesh(ball) used via a widget. I have widgets with buttons and have tried a few times to get it to change, it change shape but it just goes with the default one material in the pawns blueprint .eg if i have default yellow ball then my next ball shape change but material remain same Any ideas or thoughts? . Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

If you assign a material to a mesh in the Mesh Editor, it becomes the default material for this mesh.

Now, if you add a mesh component to a blueprint and change nothing, it will use its default materials. If you change the mesh at runtime to something else, the new mesh will use its default materials as well.

However, if you change the materials in the Blueprint, the new materials will override the default materials, both for the initial and the new meshes.

So you’ve got two options: 1) Set the materials in the Mesh Editor and not change them in the blueprint; 2) After changing the mesh, change the materials too, with nodes.