Change character in game along with character blueprint

Hey guys. Alright I see a lot of stuff posted about possessing pawns I do not want to do that. I have 2 characters. I want to be able to change the character on the fly with a press of a button. I have figured out how to do this with only the MESH. I want to be able to switch out the blueprint class. Basically I have a girl that can switch into a demon. The 2 blueprints are virtually the same thing. The only thing that has changed is using different animations and powers. I have to be missing something. How can i call that blueprint class?

I have tried to set my demon character montage animations in girls blueprint class pics attached. But this is not working I guess the system gets confused when I try to use a input key and nothing happens this way. That is why am trying to call the blueprints from my demon class. Any suggestions??

First things first, just so I can say that I’ve said it: I don’t necessarily think that you’re looking at the best possible approach to the problem.

Regardless, in practice you really shouldn’t be trying to communicate between the two characters that much. But to answer the question, if you want to communicate back and forth you’ll need references in each to the other character BP – prone to circular references – or, preferably, use an Event Dispatcher.

In Unreal some of the easiest ways for you to “transform” characters like you’re trying to do is: a) put all the functionality into a single character class blueprint and implement a control system in place to manage the active character state (i.e. whether girl or demon) including managing which meshes/animation BP’s, etc. active or b) have different classes for the states and switch between them by spawning or showing the newly active character and destroying or hiding the inactive characters. Typically the first approach would be the most practical, especially for only a few different character states such as in your case; though the second approach could make sense in certain situations and could be quicker to implement for your case.

Hope that helps.

Out of those two cases that you state what you recommend doing overall? Like you said you don’t think i am looking at the best approach. So is the second option that you said the best approach or is their a better one?

Sorry I just reread what you posted. I like your opinion do you have any tutorial recommendations on how to do this?

Don’t have any tutorial recommendations; but if it were me in your shoes I don’t really have the information to say. If this is for a final product I would go with the first option which is more robust, but if you’re trying to bang out a quick prototype or something and you already have both character classes how you want the second option may be quicker for you.