Change Character in First Person

I make a First Person Shooter in UE4. Is there a way to change the mesh in the First Person Template from the hands to a normal character ? And how?

I can’t find any turotial for this.

hey mate, i guess u are using the first person ue Template right? then u have all those animations (weapon holding etc) for the skeleton of the template mesh (this robot guy thing)

it would not work if you just replace this mesh , because of its skeleton …
e.g: you want to fit the skeleton of a elefant into a fox’s body ^^

u can try “retargeting” ur mesh (`there are plenty of tuts out there) when it has the same bones, or use ur own animations … i guess there is no simple drag and drop solution for that ^^

Hi Netroxy, Welcome to the Unreal Engine :slight_smile:
I understand what it’s like to be new to the toolset, but the answerhub is supposed to be a place for people to find answers to questions when they can’t find the answer elsewhere. Your question is something that you can find an answer to with a simple google search or by looking up tutorials on youtube. For example:

Do some searching on your own for the basics and post here when you need some more difficult questions answered. If you want some suggestions for places to learn the engine, I recommend:
The official YT channel -
Tesla Dev -
Matthew Wadstein -

Hi Erytriel, thank you so much for that. I will try it out now!