Change Character Acceleration Rate

I’m looking to change the rate of acceleration on a character or character movement component. There is a max acceleration variable associated with the movement component but it is NOT for adjusting the actual rate, it only sets a maximum or minimum acceleration which scales internally and ramps up over time. It always starts accelerating at the same value (0.001 += 10% or so as it scales).

I would like to be able to set the acceleration rate itself so that boost effects are instantaneous applied to the current acceleration whether it be 0 or greater.

Any suggestions?

two options you may consider… “Add Force” using your Character Component or using a Thruster Component and turn it on and off as needed (I haven’t used this one a lot, so I’m not sure how the forces will stack up)

You might also consider “Add Impulse” if you’d like a one-time boost

I hope this is useful :slight_smile:

You need to change the equation that defines acceleration.