Change cameras in BP

Hi ,
I have made a Car (Lamborghini Aventador) in UE 4.10.4 .
In my BP for the car i have setup 2 camera’s an backview cam and a cockpit cam.
I want to switch between camera’s by pressing the “C” button but o don’t know how to do it .
(I have already tried to setup some bp to do it but all of them failed)
I’m new to Unreal Engine any help would be amazing !

PS: Sorry if bad English im French !

Thanks !

first you need to set the “is active” of the old camera to no and then set the new camera to true. grab the camera out of the components and place it on the eventgraph. drag a node out of it and write “active” there should be the function you need. you can also use a flip flop for the “C”-input . if you press it the first time he switches to one camera and second time to the other

Thanks it worked!
Here is the BP for people that could be helped by this too :
Cam switch.PNG

no problem. on the “B” node in the flip flop you should also deactivate the current camera. in that case it would be the cockpit i think. in my system i dont use deactivate i have set active twice. on the first one i let the new activate empty it means the current cam gets deactivated and on the second one i activate the cam i want