Change Camera Speed in Mesh Viewer

Please can we have a camera speed setting in the mesh viewer window, i.e. like the one we have in the main editor window and the blueprint editor viewport?

as the mesh editor is mostly unusable with that camera-speed, I vote for this feature

There is a workaround for this now.

  1. Click “Collision” dropdown arrow in the toolbar and select “Simple Collision”
  2. If you have a collision mesh it will show up in the viewport otherwise, create one clicking in the “Collision” menu and “Create Box Simplified Collision”
  3. Select the collision mesh and you will see that at the top right corner of the viewport a button with an icon of a moving camera shows up
  4. Click on that button and change the camera speed
    Result: From there, you can unselect the collision geometry and the camera speed of the viewport will remain to the value that you set

Why cant the camera speed selector always be visible? Really frustrating to pan around with a default speed of 4.

I was able to fix this in and should be available in the next engine upgrade. Cheers,

2021 v4.25.4 here and still waiting… but eager!