Change camera brightness

Sounds like you have auto exposure enabled in the project settings. You can turn it off…

this is concerning a first person game.

I want to make the camera exposure or brightness higher when the character focuses on something. Right now it just zooms in when left mouse button is presses and when released it zooms back out.
I want it so that the camera brightness/exposure also goes up a little bit.

I ended up changing the exposure of the camera, but what happens is i click left mouse, it changes to the higher brightness for a millisecond, and then goes back to normal.

How do i make it so that it stays bright untill i release left mouse?

No this setting is off. Let me show you my blueprint.

Can you show the whole thing ( with the mouse event ), and what’s in the timeline?


Ok, I see it now, apologies for not picking it up sooner.

You have a problem with the bools, I think.

To achieve your effect, try something more like this:


First value of the timeline is 1 and the second is 70.
The action input focus is the left mouse button. The zoom thing is working perfectly but the exposure is just flashing bright for 1 sec and then its back to normal again.

Thanks, did exactly what you did, but stil have the same problem unfortunately.
Timeline from 0-1 also. It flickers a couple of times and then its back to normal.


The only thing I can suggest then is making a minimal project with this in and put it somewhere ( like google docs etc ), where I can download it and take a look.

Just make a new empty project and migrate the map from your current project to it, then zip it up.

I got it! Thank you so much for your help, you are a legend.

This did the trick eventually.