Change Camera between separate blueprints

I am working a system where I can have a camera attached to different optics mounted on a first person weapon. The weapon is separate blueprint and I have it attached to the character on event begin play. I have Left Shift setup to toggle between Aiming and Not Aiming. When I am Aiming, I have the FPCamera deactivated and the Aiming Camera attached to the weapon activated. What happens is the point of view goes from FPCamera to under the character.

I also used arrow components to mark the location of the FPCamera and Aiming Camera inside the Character BP, and that worked fine as long as the cameras were not parented. If one of them is parented to either the player mesh or gun mesh, it did not switch between them.

I have tried doing Aiming using animations, but I would like to do it with the cameras for better control and accuracy. Is there a better way to switch between cameras that are in different blueprints?

Any guidance would be much appreciated.