Change brightness/gamma of night

I like playing at night, but it’s too dark, i just want to make it a little brighter, so what value and file do I modify?

? hit tab type gamma then a number in game

I know this, but is there a way to make a mod to change the night light intensity?

Yes its very doable im doing something similar for daytime gamma but itll be equippable.

How is it working?so do you know hot to make the flashlight attachment works wider and brighter?that’s also equipable, I assume they use the same approach, just don’t want to stay at home or holding a torch, since I made my server quite dangerous, and I don’t want to change the gamma with commondline, I want to use something that I can see a wider range stuff and still can fight while this function is on, and no more commondline.thanks

Hi nowonever,

To change the brightness i think you should look at the Matinee_MasterDayCycle, it should allow you to change settings like brightness depending upon current time of the day :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I can’t locate the file, where is this value that I can change?btw, about the flashlight, do you know how to change its brightness and range?

Look at the Mini TheIsland example, you should find the file there :slight_smile:

About the flashlight, sorry i don’t know.

Thanks, I found it, now the problem is I changed some value but they didn’t show the results in game, and also I added a global post process to my mod, I didn’t have a map, just want to change the theisland postprocess, still no effect, example, I modified the DOF, on test map it works fine, but in game it looks no difference. so to change the world setting, is there any differnt ways compared to dinos and items? how can i make this work?