Change between textures in blueprints

Hi there;

I have been working in a material with an emissive map, and my idea is to make that emissive map change every 4 or 5 seconds, automatically. So I created 4 differents emissive maps and I would like to have an actor blueprint with this material, and make it alternate in blueprints between this textures.

I tried to follow this tutorial, which basically do the same but with color.

But here, he use a “set vector parameter value” over the color parameter of the material. The thing is there is not such of thing for textures; I tried also to place all this 4 emisives map textures in the material, and make some kind o multiple “lerp” and create a “set vector parameter value” over this lerp, but I could not find the way.

Could anybody help me here?

Convert your texture to a paramater.
Give the parameter a name.

Now you can call texture parameter value with the name you gave.


Thank for your answer;

I tried this, but my problem is once I get to this point, I don´t know how to tell blueprints to change from this texture to another. So a have the “set texture parameter Value”, related to the “texture parameter” in the material, but now I need something in the “value” telling the “set texture paramenter value” to change from the texture parameter (in your example, “diffuse”) to other texture.