Change between Events?

Hey Ubreal Fans, im fairly new to UE4 Blueprints and i have a question of understanding.

So i have a Scene, where a overlying Start Event like a Engine start Glows up an LED strip.

But now i also want to be able to increase/ decrease the Glow strength of said Strip separately from the Engine Startup Glow Value. (Dynamic Material Instance for the Emissive Texture is made and ready to use). Say through a push of a Button or a UMG UI.
But i also don’t want to loose the ability to turn off the Strip via the Enige Power Event (the overlying).

So i basically want to be able to switch between input options without loosing the Input control of the Main overlying Event.

I hope i could explain my problem clearly enough^^ and i hope there are some Geniuses with some juicy Ideas and Tips for me!

Thanks in advance!

You could have two parameters for brightness, each backed by a floating point variable:

  • ControlBrightness
  • AnimatedBrightness

When either changes, you set the “actual” brightness to something like “max(ControlBrightness, AnimatedBrightness)” or maybe something like “saturate(ControlBrightness + AnimatedBrightness)” or whatever combining function you like.