Change basic cube to bsp box?

Hello there,

I recently created a map outline using plane cubes. I wish to make some doors and windows using the Subtractive brush type, but that is not an option with the types of cubes I used… I used the basic cubes instead of the bsp boxs. I really don’t want to start all over again… Is there any way I can change my basic cubes to bsp boxes so that I can use the Subtractive brush type?

I tried to explain this and ask the question as well as I could.

The basic cube you’re talking about is a static mesh. You want to convert this static mesh to a BSP brush which is not possible right away. no standard function in Unreal. there might be a way by coding something to replace the basic cube standard meshes in you’re map with BSP brushes, but before you get this to work you will be faster replacing them manually.

Otherwise export your other mesh so that you can open it with a 3d program + subtract it there :slight_smile: