Change base color of material (with BP) and have that affect all objects with said material

Hi everyone,
I am trying to change the base color of a material and have it change on all objects that have this material assigned. I’ve created a Material Instance Dynamic but I have to pass on a specific object that contains that material…which will then only affect that object. Is there a way to change the material base color in general without having to pass on an object? Thanks in advance!

If you assigned that material instance to 10 objects, when you change the base color, they will all change.

I know it works manually but I am asking how to do it through a blueprint.


I put 3 cubes in the level

Make a DMI for all of them and set the color in the level BP




You just need all the Objects to have the base Material assigned to.
Not an Instance of that Material…

You can also use material collections


How would that work?.. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t that only work if all objects are the same?

They only need the same material instance.

This is what I was looking for! Thank you :blush: